The Story Of Us

Introduction: A Fruitless Search

Nathan’s Search For Katie

All my life I’ve been acutely aware of the fact that I was alone – in the sense that God said it was not good for Adam to be alone. I needed someone to be there, someone with whom I could have adventures with, someone with whom I could be vulnerable, and face life with. (I know that sounds repetitively needy, but this is the way God designed us – both to need Him and to need each other. Anyway, moving on…)

As a child, I always wanted someone to be nearby while I was doing whatever (younger on; while I was playing, later while I was doing chores, and later still, while I was working). When my younger sister became old enough (there are 7.5 years between us), I’d take her on walks, take her along to do the chores, and anything/everything there was. We became best friends, doing everything together. We’d have adventures in the woods, go on picnics and build tiny log cabins from the fox weeds growing in the pasture.

But, eventually I knew I needed more than a sister, yet I didn’t know where to look. Oh, I had crushes in my teens, but that was it. I was also afraid of finding the wrong person, more afraid of being single all my life, so I didn’t even look, not until I was 26.

It started when my brother got on eHarmony. John has always been that big brother that little brother looks up to and follows around (I was renting a room in his house, working at the same company, even bought an SUV like he did). When he started looking online to prove there was nobody out there, I did the same.

Of course, when he found someone (pardon, SHE found HIM) in the first couple months and I didn’t, it made it worse. I threw myself into work, but also into talking online (I had an hour commute each day). Every once in a while, I’d strike up a conversation that would last a week, but then God would tell one or both of us that it wouldn’t work out.

Finally, seven months after I purchased my year subscription, I gave up. I deleted the app from my phone, I put a banner on my profile that said, “Don’t contact me unless God tells you to. If he does, I’ll still get an email notification from you” and I left it there.

It took me another four and a half months before I had really committed to God being enough for me, that I’d be okay being alone for the rest of my life. I was finally independent of family, but what I didn’t realize was that God had other plans… Apparently I was ready. He told me to go remove the banner from my profile (which I thought that was really odd, as I realized my subscription was expiring in a couple weeks, but I did as I was told). A week later, I got a message, and my life has been different ever since…

Katie’s Search For Nathan

I guess this section is all about me… let the adventure begin!

Half my life I grew up in Indiana, the other half I have spent here in Texas. Most of my childhood was spent in Indiana. It was fairly normal with some defining and tragic bumps along the way. My family and I moved to Texas in January of 2008. A hand full of life altering events happened and I went from being and only child to having eleven siblings at once. I’m not sure how my foster parents handled twelve kids, but there was never a dull moment and I like to think I turned out okay! Since graduating high school, I have slowly worked towards my degree, graduated bible school, and I currently work full time and serve on staff in my church.

I wasn’t really interested in dating in high school, mostly because boys were so immature and I enjoyed pursing my education and personal goals. When I got to college I went on a few dates my freshmen year with one person, but it wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t interested in wasting my time on “dating for fun”. A few years later I went to bible school and I had someone I liked from a distance, it probably could have gone somewhere but I was too shy and he never made a move. I tend to be old fashioned… so I typically won’t make a first move – oh, the irony! Never the less… I got home from bible school and life had returned to a routine of school, work, and church. It just felt logical to start actively looking for what I want in life.

I have known for a long time that whoever I marry I want to be my forever best friend and confidant. I also knew it would take a really special person to help me take down some emotional walls. I have prayed for my future husband for years, and God has definitely refined what I want in my life partner, what I wanted at sixteen is a far cry from what I want at twenty-six and it has been amazing to step back and see how God has refined those things over the years.

I never would have thought I could meet someone online… in fact I’ve always been sort of against it(too modern). However, I now have a bit of a differing view, I think that if it is meant to be God can use it as a platform for couples to find one another.

One day I was daydreaming about an idea for a wedding and my mom had mentioned that it could someday be if I met someone special. She also managed to ask me what I was doing about it(meeting someone), and she even asked about online dating(which I told her was corny). This was about a year and a half ago, but it stuck with me… What was I doing about it? The reality was I was meeting someone at work wasn’t really an option, and church is mostly older adults or married couples – neither of which would suffice, and school was online. None of these gateways had great probability, so after about 6-8 months I finally decided to try online dating and about 6 weeks in I met Nathan!